Thursday, December 08, 2005


That's haiku about bikes. I got the idea from The Old Bag, a female Twin Cities cyclist. I tried my hand at a couple:

Stiff black leather taut
Against my nether regions ouch
A new Brooks saddle

Snow falls in moonlight
Cyclist falls in moonlight too
SPDs too tight

These are kind of fun!


The Old Bag said...

These are hysterical! Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Very nice Matt! hehe. Hope the saddle and pedals work better for you.
I fell over once with my spd pedals when I first got them but the toe-clips I was using before that were much worse. One time I fell over right in front of a bus stop full of waiting people. It was pretty humorous!

Nice winter bike by the way!


Anonymous said...

summer fixed-gear ride
massive pothole there, surprise!
how did i not crash?

Anonymous said...


Good to discover more poetically inclined cyclists. ;-D

If you are interested in more Cycling Poetry, and even a short story ( Appropriate for Valentine's Day! )peruse my Creative Writing Archive ( 3 entires ) at MY BikeBlog.

Try your hand at the Tanka ( Banka? Hee, hee ), now that you have mastered the Baiku.

Just click on the link for this comment. ;-D