Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wells Fargo Worries About Their Carpet

Long time readers may recall my low-level argument with Wells Fargo and their policy of not accepting deposits from bicyclists in the drive-through lanes. Wells Fargo, apparently wanting to inconvenience their bicycle-riding customers as much as possible, suggested that I just go inside the bank. There's no bike parking at the Arden Hills branch, I said. It was suggested that I just take my bicycle inside with me and if the staff has any questions say I'd been instructed to do this.

This has been a slowly-evolving story, and I thought the next move (besides using the drive-through ATM to make my deposit, just as quick and they can't refuse to accept it) would be to ride in in mid-January with my studded knobby tires and filthy bike dripping snow, slush, salt and grime on their carpets and cheerfully say that I'd been instructed to do this rather than use the drive-through lane. I discovered last winter that the bike will retain a lot of filth and drop it pretty quickly when it warms up (I found this out at church, where I'd park it by a floor drain).

Wells Fargo, very prescient, must have figured out what I was going to do and countered. On 21 November I went over to the bank and...
New bike rack at Arden Hills Wells Fargo  21 November
Curses! The canny bastards have put in a bike rack at Arden Hills! No excuses about no bike parking.

I contemplate my next move...

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Karl said...

Bwahahahaha! Sounds like an excellent game of chess you have going on there. Maybe you can park a bike with a massive trailer there that partially blocks the entrance. Something like a Bikes At Work trailer with an old fridge on it should do the trick.

But in all seriousness, congrats on a partial victory. It's a shame they still won't serve you at the drive-through lanes, but at least they are doing something reasonable about the problem rather than ignoring it altogether.

In other news, you've been tagged! Check the 12/26/06 posting on my blog for the details.