Sunday, April 01, 2007

Shimano's newest product

So far I haven't jumped on the fixed-gear bandwagon, fearful of the constantly turning cranks, the lack of brakes and the hordes of women I'd have to fight back because I'd be so irresistibly cool especially if I got a few tats and maybe a nose ring. However, I'm leaning more towards a fixie now that Shimano is throwing its technological expertise into the arena:
Shimano Announces Patented BioWheel
Irvine, CA (04/01/2007) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

Shimano today announced its newest entry into the growing field of fixed-gear bicycle equipment with the introduction of the Shimano BW-700C/29BS Biowheel™ fixed-gear rear wheel. This wheel combines in a single unit Shimano's most advanced wheelset features including a one-piece solid mandrel construction, angular contact bearings and an oversized 7075 axle with the patented point-symmetric egg curve form factor at the wheel's rim. This allows BioWheels to offer the cyclist healthy, efficient pedaling at slower cadences than is possible with round wheels.

"Previously, the Biopace™ solution had to be implemented at the chainring" said Shimano USA President Kozo Shimano, "but the rising popularity of fixed-wheel bicycles with an unchanging crankset/drive wheel relationship allows us to apply the solution at the rim of the drive wheel and alleviate the chain tension concerns of fixed Biopace users." Shimano went on to note that a regular round front wheel is sufficient for most applications but that Shimano is also introducing a BioFront™ front wheel for cyclists who prefer stylistic consistency. Difficulties in the design phase have delayed the introduction of the matched BioBrake™ sidepull brakes so Shimano has made the BioWheel wheel disc-brake compatible for those who feel brakes are appropriate on fixies.


Yokota Fritz said...

*laugh* Nice one. :-)

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!