Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bloody 'ot

It's been pretty miserable out the last couple of days. As a Practical Cyclist, it would be nice to ride around in street clothes and not look like a cycling doofus while off the bike, just like those folks in, you know, Amsterdam. You can do that here, in May and October, but days like today cry for separate clothing. Here's the temperature in Saint Paul right now:

And in Amsterdam:

I think their climate and terrain is better-suited to riding the bike everywhere in street clothes. Me, I've been riding to work and showering and changing there. On less-tropical days, I'll ride and just change with a damp mop, but this New Guinea climate isn't going to work for dress trousers, pressed shirt and tie.

I'm guessing that in 6 months I could run the same entry, entitle it "Bloody Nippy" and show our biting cold versus the relatively balmly Amsterdam weather.

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