Thursday, June 19, 2008

Henry in Velonews!

Yes, my son has made it to Velonews! The shot shows the tight group of men racing for the finish line at the end of the Mankato Road Race last Saturday. The arrow picks out Henry.
Henry at the Nature Valley Grand Prix Mankato stage
Yep, that's my boy, holding up the orange flag! I was a Volunteer Coordinator for the races this year and one of my main responsibilities was the course marshalls. Henry worked Wednesday and Friday nights and all day Saturday. The glory boys may be those sprinting to the finish line, but the volunteers make this all work. I had the privilege of working with dozens of these folks and the races went great. Henry was one of many who worked multiple shifts and days and I am legitimately proud of him. You can read the account of the racing stuff in Velonews; this photo is from Mankato's Stage 5. The photo is by Kurt Jambretz of Action Images, though I added the arrow!


Jim Thill said...

Don't let the fame go to his head.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of this?

Anonymous said...


In 2006, you posted a blog entry re a Wall St Journal article and made mention of Exxon Graftek bikes. I have a Graftek but not the same construction as the late 1970s models. Do you have any idea who continued to manufacture CF bikes under the Graftek name? The one I have has a serial # 0045985.


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