Friday, May 27, 2005

Looks Like Ireland

Friday mornings just before 7:00 our local NPR news station KSJN has University of Minnesota Climatologist Mark Seely on to talk about the weather. Although May isn't quite done, he pointed out several fun facts about May and Mays.

  • Seven of the last eight Mays have been wetter than average.

  • Four of the last five Mays have been cooler than average.

  • This May had the least amount of potential sunlight (34% of possible) of any month since 1960.

I sure know how to pick a month to start my biking blog!

It wasn't actually raining this morning so I rode to work. It was 55 and overcast. I wore long pants but I think that any time it's over 50 I might as well go to shorts, what's comfortable standing around outside the back door is different from what's comfortable once you're moving. Once at work I parked the bike and rubber-banded a plastic bag over my leather Brooks Champion Flyer saddle, figuring it might rain. I was right; by 10:00 it was coming down fairly steadily.

On my regular website I have posted the Standard Minnesota Weather Forecast. I think this weekend's supposed to be Partially Shitty, then Increasingly Shitty later in the week.

Fortunately, by the time I left work, the rain and downpours and hail and sleet had stopped and it was a sunny interlude, albeit chilly. I zoomed home, trying to warm up by riding fast.

I also ordered some light bulbs to try in my VistaLite Nightstick experiment. I ordered up 2 MR11 10W/6V bulbs with different light patterns and 1 5W/6V bulb presumable much like the one that's in the light. I got these from Harrington Lights in New Hampshire and they're $23 with shipping, hardly more than the cost of one official VistaLite replacement bulb. I did try sourcing locally, but the commercial lighting suppliers aren't open weekends and didn't have 10W/6V bulbs in stock anyway, and driving to Eagan at lunch isn't altogether practical. Funny how the web makes it more practical to buy bulbs from New Hampshire than to find them in the same metro area. We'll see how this lighting experiment goes.

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Anonymous said...

I am first one to comment on your blog. Is there a prize? You have to ask JP about the ebay bike scandal.