Monday, July 10, 2006

Wells Fargo Refuses My Email

It was too long. Gotta get less wordy, I guess. I'm supposed to limit my emails to 20 lines. Of course, you don't find that out until you try and send it and there's plenty of room for what is in essence a full business letter. Pity, the email was from a signed-in, online me and associated with the account and everything. Fortunately, I copied it and mailed it to myself at home before trying to send it so it will form the basis of a nice letter to Wells Fargo.

In the meantime, I emailed Pam O'Connell, President of the Heartland Credit Union and explained the situation and asked if there was some industry practice regarind bikes in drive-through lanes. She emailed back:
It is up to each financial institution - no problem with regard to insurance.
Then, ever on the job:
It's those pesky should be using your fantastic Credit Union!!
She's right, I should. We have savings accounts and a car loan at the credit union but not our primary checking. This is basically because of inertia.

I'm not even sure if Heartland has any drive-up lanes at the moment, but we're building a new home office opening next year (in Inver Grove Heights) and it will have drive-through lanes and I'm guessing they'll serve bicycles.


Anonymous said...

So .... if they won't let you go through the drive-thru, will the let you bring your bike into the lobby?

Maybe they'd change their minds if you were to stand on line with panniers and a Burley (with or without toddler).

Anonymous said...

No wonder the general population gets annoyed with cyclists. Do those of us that use a bike for serious transportation a favor and quit making an ass of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sounds eerily like a comment I received also. It's not you Matt, it's me. You're just an ass by association, evidently.

Anonymous said...

So what does Mr. Anonymous mean by "serious transportation"? Going by the bank on the way to and from work isn't serious enough for him? Then I'd like to know - what would qualify?