Thursday, June 01, 2006

GRE Bike Festival Volunteers

The Great River Energy Bicycle Festival/Nature Valley Grand Prix bike races are coming up. This is a series of five races running Wednesday June 14 through Sunday June 18 (Fathers's Day!). I've volunteered as a crossing guard and for setup and teardown in the past, most notably last year, which you can read about in this blog at Saint Paul Time Trials and Five Days of Bikes. My buddy Paul, who just did the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour with me and 45 of our closest friends, rode up last year and is doing so again this year. We're volunteering at the Wednesday Time Trials in Saint Paul, Friday evening Criterium in Minneapolis and the Sunday afternoon Criterium in Stillwater. I think they still need volunteers, so if you have an interest, go to the site's Volunteer Page and sign up.

On the off-days, we're just going to hang out. Actually, the Thursday Cannon Falls road race stage looks like good fun. If you take a look at the Course Map, that bit on County 58 between Highways 8 and 19 is on gravel. We discovered this when we checked out some of the course on the way back from the Three Speed Tour and initially figured I must have highlighted my DeLorme map incorrectly, but, no, they send the whole road-racin' peloton onto a stretch of gravel road! Want to guess where I'll be when the race goes by? I figure that has to be an interesting transition.

Anyway, volunteering isn't too hard, you get a good view of the race and, if you see Paul and I around, you can join us for a beer afterwards.

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